About Us!

Welcome to Winks Club!

We're an Asian-owned business ran by two girlies from the Bay Area who love lashes! As a small business, we work our hardest to bring you affordable, cruelty-free lashes that range in styles from natural to dramatic, catering to everyone's Wink needs <3

We Accept All and You Should Too!


Part of Winks Club's values is to include, accept, and acknowledge everyone as they are! We encourage you to stand with us in promoting an inclusive and diverse society. Though we're small, here at Winks Club we use our voice and power to encourage love and equality. So come as you are, we accept and love all! <3

We do not own the following links, but they are helpful to take action for the causes that need our help! :)


Winks Club supports cruelty-free products, meaning all of our lashes our faux-mink!


Did you know? Minks are semi-aquatic animals in the Otter family, that are often harmed and used for their hair on Mink Lashes. Support cruelty-free products and try our 3D, faux-mink lashes!